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CH NO*Gooseberry Heli-Yum CH Aequinoctium Bite Me!

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NO*Gooseberry Blue My Mind  MAU ns 22  Sortsilvertabby  ♂ Gutt Reservert
NO*Gooseberry Feelin’ Hot Hot Hot  MAU ns 24  Sortsilverspotted  ♂ Gutt Reservert
NO*Gooseberry I Love Applause  MAU ns 24  Sortsilverspotted  ♀ Jente Blir i oppdrettet
NO*Gooseberry The “It” Color  MAU ns 22  Sortsilvertabby  ♂ Gutt Reservert 
NO*Gooseberry Chasing Rainbows  MAU ns 24  Sortsilverspotted  ♀ Jente Reservert
NO*Gooseberry Shh.. It’s Top Secret!  MAU ns  Sort Smoke   ♂ Gutt Reservert 



NO*Gooseberry Blue My Mind






NO*Gooseberry Feelin’ Hot Hot Hot!






NO*Gooseberry I Love Applause






NO*Gooseberry The “It” Color






NO*Gooseberry Chasing Rainbows






NO*Gooseberry Shh.. It’s Top Secret!